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The Scuba Diving dream can mark the beginning of the most fantastic learning experience of your life ...

You've seen all the TV series and movies that show the awesome beauty of innerspace. Maybe your sense of adventure was awakened. Let us help you live the dream.

We offer top notch instruction using the SSI SOLID GOLD TEACHING SYSTEM in the following courses:

Basic Open Water

is the entry level class. It consists of 6 classroom & pool sessions and 4 open water dives.

SSI is the most advanced educational system available. You will learn the latest techniques in Sport Scuba Diving today. All instruction is given on premises in our classroom and indoor heated pool. We promise you a most enjoyable and informative learning experience. At the end of this course you will have the skills to dive with competence and confidence.

Basic Open Water

Advanced Open Water

teaches the skills necessary to meet the challenge of diving in the ocean during the day and at night. It consists of 1 classroom & pool session, 2 quarry dives, and 4 ocean dives (2 are night dives).

With the added instruction and diving experience, your confidence as a diver will be greatly enhanced. Lower air consumption, increased bottom time and a more relaxed attitude in the water will be your reward at the end of this class.

Advanced Open Water

Stress and Rescue

teaches the skills necessary to keep you and your buddy safer in the water. It consists of 3 classroom & pool sessions and 2 open water dives. This course will teach you to recognize signs of stress in yourself and your buddy, increasing the likelihood averting an emergency. You will also learn how to deal with a variety of diving emergencies. This knowledge will increase your confidence and make you a better diving buddy.

Stress and Rescue

Master Diver Course

If you're seeking a diving course that offers excitement, a challenge, and a chance to develop skills and proficiencies to an instructor level, the SSI Master Diver Course will meet your requirements.

The course will cover wreck diving, boat diving, advanced navigation techniques, deep diving and advanced decompression multi-level diving, advanced dive planning and marine life identification.

The course consists of 3 classrooms, 3 ocean dives in Rhode Island, and 1 night dive. Prerequisites: Advanced Open Water certification, Stress & Rescue Certified, CPR Certified and 50 logged dives..

Master Diver Course

Introductory Scuba Night

If you are thinking about taking a Scuba diving course and would like to try it out first. We#39ll put you in our indoor heated pool with a certified instructor so you can experience the thrill of diving

The course will cover wreck diving, boat diving, advanced navigation techniques, deep diving and advanced decompression multi-level diving, advanced dive planning and marine life identification.

Refresher Course

Maybe you're a little rusty and out of practice on your diving skills. How about your dive planning and equipment knowledge? The refresher course is designed to restore and update your knowledge and skills.

Reef Identification Course

This course is designed for the certified diver, snorkeler or environmentalist. Become one of the privileged few to visit one of the Earth's most fascinating ecosystems and know everyone who lives in a tropical coral garden.

Take a closer look at a breathtaking underwater city inhabited by hundreds of small creatures. Like any city, creatures appear to inhabit special sections of real estate. We will be studying a typical reef community in Florida, the Bahamas and the Caribbean. Learn the names of the reef fish, sponges, hard and soft corals and fascinating small invertebrates.

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